Matthew Lowy

Composer    Music Director    Pianist    Arranger    Orchestrator

These Walls

A virtual production of an original 10-minute musical presented through the Sound Bites 7.0 festival with Theatre Now. Book and lyrics by Caitlin Collins. 

Taking Off (reel)

Excerpts from a reading performed in the Bruno Walter Auditorium at the Lincoln Center Public Library for the Performing Arts. Book by Rachel Sklar and Lyrics by Sonya Hayden. 

                               "I love stupid theater. I mean, this is so stupid. And I 

                                      mean that in the most complimentary way, too.” 

                                              -- Michael John LaChiusa, on Taking Off

"Thanks in Advance"

Written with Marialena DiFabbio (lyricist and singer) for the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop. Performed at the 2018 Smoker.

Fallen Skies (reel)

Excerpts taken from the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival. 
Featuring Andrew Tighe, Sarah Cetrulo, Catalina Gaglioti, & Alynn Hunt; Dir. Julia Gannon.

     “The cast had glorious voices and the music by Matthew Lowy was gorgeous.       This is a great way to be introduced to one of our most significant 

           writers who tore off society’s taboos and pulled the curtain on 

                                   sexual urges among men as well as women."

  -- Eva Heinemann, from Hi! DRAMA, on Fallen Skies.

"Lowy’s orchestra is excellent ... Their music comes through the backstage 

                      curtain and is otherworldly and haunting. Lowy’s imagination and
                            devotion to his project is clearly evident as he works to bring
                                                            Lawrence’s language to musical life.” 
      -- Josephine Cashman, critic, on Fallen Skies.