Matthew Lowy

Composer    Music Director    Pianist    Arranger    Orchestrator

"Thanks in Advance"

Written with Marialena DiFabbio (lyricist and singer) for the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop. Performed at the 2018 Smoker

Fallen Skies

Excerpts taken at the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival 
Feat. Andrew Tighe, Sarah Cetrulo, Catalina Gaglioti, & Alynn Hunt 

"Dark August" 

Text: "Dark August" by Derek Walcott

Feat. Michael Browne, baritone; Eric Mrugala, Allison Dobbs, violin; Edward Wharton, viola; Jenna Calabro, Sean Peel, cello 

Dark August
Michael Browne, baritone; Eric Mrugala, Allison Dobbs, violin; Edward Wharton, viola; Jenna Calabro, Sean Peel, cello; Jim Dalton, guitar; Sofija Sibinovic, harp

"Present for Breakfast"

Text: "This is Just to Say" by Williams Carlos Williams, "Ghost" by Cynthia Huntington 

Feat. Katrina Aguilar, soprano; Yukiko Oba, piano

Present for Breakfast
Katrina Aguillar, soprano; Yukiko Oba (The Boston Conservatory: CRS - Song Project 2014)

"A Liddell Confused" 

Text: "A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky" by Lewis Carroll 

Feat. Meghan LaFlam, voice; Diana Searle, clarinet; Eric Mrugala, violin; Anna Seda, cello; Matthew Lowy, piano

A Liddell Confused
Meghan LaFlam, voice; Diana Searle, clarinet; Eric Mrugala, violin; Anna Seda, cello; Matthew Lowy, piano (The Boston Conservatory: CRS #1 - 2012)